Support Lunchbox Moments Zine

Proud to announce Lunchbox Moments, a charity zine featuring work by Asian American and Pacific Islander artists and writers that explores our relationships with food and cultural identity. We use the term “lunchbox moments” to include and also transcend literal school lunch narratives centered on shame.

We aim to provide a platform for AAPI voices to express:
(1) anger and shame roused by racist microaggressions we may have experienced in relation to our cultural foods,
(2) pride, joy, and other emotions relating to our cultural foods, and
(3) how we have integrated deeper practices emerging from these experiences to honor those emotions.

All proceeds from sales of this zine will go directly to San Francisco’s Chinatown Community Development Center, which is operating the Feed + Fuel Chinatown initiative to support Chinatown restaurants and SRO residents.

  1. Follow Lunchbox Moments on Instagram
  2. Submit your email to be notified when pre-orders begin
  3. And visit our website

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